A product based approach to IOT integration
OZIOT offers a unique product-based approach to integrating and managing large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) and Video Management Systems (VMS) networks and deployments.
Our products feature out-of-the-box deployment of the most complex sensor networks via a single rapid, affordable process - utilizing existing infrastructure and assets to reduce time-to-air and offer immediate return on investment.
OZIoT integrates any and all systems- from different manufacturers, providers, and integrators: our products can fuse and manage information and operational capabilities, providing a single interface for viewing data and configuring complex interactions between different subsystems.
We work with partners and channels to manage millions of sensors across numerous verticals, delivering actionable intelligence and real-time response capabilities to customers worldwide.

OZIOT Command & Control
OZIoT C&C is the only market-available, field-tested product that utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure to connect all types of systems, sub-systems, video feeds, and sensors into a single platform.
Designed for a wide variety of operational needs, OZIoT C&C delivers real-time response capabilities to operators and managers. The system easily adapts to any organization, with integral user permissions, flexible UI tools, and automatic process management.
OZIoT C&C is sensor agnostic, easily integrating any 3rd party products to rapidly deliver a working IoT solution.OZIOT Video Management System
OZIoT VMS is the world’s most scalable Video Management System, enabling hundreds of operators to work simultaneously, and managing thousands of cameras in a single deployment.
The system integrates any number of cameras, delivering a fused status image from real-time or archived video content. OZIoT VMS supports real-time event management, as well as Video Content Analysis on both server and sensor sides Designed for mass deployments, OZIoT VMS installations are currently managing 15,000 cameras in a single platform for global customers ranging from municipal authorities to hotel chains.OZIOT is here to revolutionaries the IoT world with an out of the box product that delivers operational IOT from day one connecting any system or sensor , surveillance camera, access control, pollution sensor, waste collection & recycling, production system, lights & infrastructure and many more. Build a working IOT solution and customize it to your needs on premise, or cloud based. Create a smart city, smart building, smart hospital. Manage critical assets and production floors. Operate a hotel or a warehouse. Claim the power of IOT with OZIOT and make IOT smarter.

Access Control Management
Ozone Flap barrier is designed to enhance security and optimize manpower at your entrance . The flap barrier will provide you with efficient and elegant control of individual access to your premises. These are easy to install and maintain. Also you can integrate other access control devices like RFID, Fingerprint, Facial recognition to the system. It has wide applications in office buildings, airport, railways, ports, museums, power plants, exhibition centers, industrial enterprises etc to name a few.

Sensor Analysis: The device has various sensors which process data on real-time basis and analyze person or object for a variety of actions and use the output results to accurately control action of the machine core, indicators, alarms etc.
Convenient settings: The advanced and user friendly interface allows the user to quickly access predefined parameter without using computer.
Safe: In case of emergency, the door can be set free to ensure unimpeded access.
Interfaces: The device has I/O, RS232/485 and CAN interfaces, which makes it convenient to control signal input and provides convenient centralized fire control interface.
NC and NO modes.
Modes: Nine control modes including unidirectional, bidirectional, free passage and authorization passage.
Photoelectric sensors to ensure precise positioning of the flaps
Indicators: Status indicators show passage direction and passage status.

Koala: Smart Personnel Management & Access Control System
Ozone’s world class Artificial Intelligence facial recognition based personnel management and access control system is designed to provide access basis on role types such as employee, visitor, stranger, etc. The customizable solution transforms existing buildings by installing advanced devices along with algorithm to help manage numerous activities. With advanced AI technology, the platform provides safe and secure environment. The facial recognition accuracy of the solution is more than 99% and recognition speed is <1 second. The broad functions of this solution include:
Facial recognition based access control
Smart Surveillance
Allow/block list
Visitor/guest management
Attendance management

Insight: Portrait Management System
Ozone’s best in class Portrait Management system uses AI based face recognition technology which compare faces and analyze behavior at each surveillance points and trigger alarms in timely manner to prevent dangerous incidents. The system integrates video monitoring feeds of entire cities to build an effective face recognition networking using Artificial Intelligence. The system can analyze and perform face identification verification using advanced technologies like face recognition, big data analytics, etc. for effective management and control. Ozone’s portrait management system is a customizable solution which uses hardware resources effectively to ensure smooth operation.
The broad functions of the solution include:
Facial recognition management: face comparison, face track and face search.
Real-time alarms basis on behavior, motion, activities, location, cloths, etc.
Behavior analysis
Analytics : Video analysis, Frequent haunts, comparison & tracking analysis, Stoppage point analysis, Multi-person search and area comparison